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Our platform helps users keep track of their sales, inventory, billings, invoices, budget and personnel's performance KPIs.  Dashboard Insights can simplify keeping control over your day-to-day operations. 

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Product Features:


Our software ensures that you can gain valuable insight into billing, costs, profits and more. View customized traffic light indicators to easily understand how your metrics are tracking important KPI targets quickly and accurately.

Job Flow 

Gain access to essential data on Work in Progress, budgets, active jobs, and job timesheet information. Leverage important analytics and analysis for forecasting and understanding the resource requirements of your business.

Continuous Analytics

Gain insights into how productive your business is, how much you're billing and spending, where your WIP and recoverability metrics lie, and monitor your progress against the established goals. Track this data by employee, team or across the entire business.


Gain an insight into current year versus prior year billing trends broken down by partner, client and team and employee 

Retainer Billing 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the work-in-progress (WIP) billed against retainers and fixed price agreements, and the remaining capacity to determine profitability. Planning for retainer billing agreement renewals as jobs are completed can help you plan strategically so that your customer relationships continue to be profitable.


Gain an insightful comprehension of WIP totals and shifts by carrying out filters based on job status, client manager, and client group. Taking this approach will help to guarantee that all WIP is being invoiced fairly and promptly.

Write Ons / Offs

By tracking write Ons/Offs, organizations can review expenses, operating costs, and processes to make sure they are maximizing their profitability. Gaining insight into this data is essential for optimal business performance.

Income Tax Lodgments

Stay informed on all the details of your Income Tax Lodgment, with the capability to organize scheduling, job planning and capacity strategies. Keep fully apprised on the status of your program and gain better control and insight.

Our Accounting Firm Dashboards are an essential tool for any business that wants to succeed. Dashboard Insights has been developed to help you manage your accounting data effortlessly.  

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Connect to your existing platform

Our dashboard is capable of integrating with your existing system, providing you with access to the data it contains. We support systems such as:

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service 5

Training and Support

Our service doesn’t stop when the dashboards are successfully implemented. We continue to provide training and support to ensure our solutions are effectively used and adopted across your business. We provide advice and product updates that keep ahead of game and at the forefront of innovation.

Consulting and Advisory

We deliver strategic consultancy and advisory that ensures your business is focussed on what matters most. Our team help you identify the KPIs that drive performance and run periodic progress reviews to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals.

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Design and Implementation

Our team deliver innovative dashboard solutions that meet your specific business needs now and into the future.

We carefully design and build solutions that provide flexibility and adaptability to future change, considering industry best practice as well as what is best for your business.


We have now a clear and consistent operational reporting.

HTA has benefitted from Dashboard Insights as we now have clear and consistent operational reporting at the click of a button. The implementation process was very supportive and the business results have improved substantially. We are pleased we made the leap!

Troy Townley

Allowed us to find efficiency in our operations.

Dashboard Insights has allowed us to find efficiency in our operations and improvements in our business reporting. We now have full transparency and are able to make decisions based on actional insights from our Business Dashboards.

Nicholas Zoch

Gain valuable insight in an informed way.

Dashboard Insights has assisted our business to gain valuable insight in an informed way through leveraging data in Xero which does not provide the visualisation of data we require and presenting it in a way that my staff & I have better value and insight to make decisions. Ryan & Diana have been great to work with, and executed everything in timelines as planned. Very happy working with them and will continue to do so.

Andrew Martin

The whole process has been very seamless and accurate.

The whole process from start to finish has been very seamless and with their industry experience, they were able to identify quickly and accurately what we wanted to achieve. We were super impressed with how quickly the Dashboard came together and most importantly how supportive and accommodating the Dashboard Insights team has been in further enhancing our requirements. PGP would have no hesitations in recommending this product or Dashboard Insights as an insightful and visually pleasing solution to monitor the progress of an accounting firm.

Natalie Allan
Manager of Operations, People & Culture

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    Dashboard Insights offers dynamic business dashboards across your business to empower confidence and agility in decision-making.

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