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About Us

How did Dashboard Insights Come to be?
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Dashboard Insights was founded with the vision of empowering businesses to better understand and control every aspect of their operation by providing instant and actionable intelligence.

Our key aim is to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time to support data driven decision making that drives continuous improvement.

We are focused on promoting a high performing culture and enhancing business performance. We achieve this by embedding intuitive and insightful dashboards into daily operations.

Our Story

An idea comes to life

Our story starts with an idea formed by our founders that business performance can be enhanced through improved data insights. This idea was validated through the creation of dashboards used in their own business that immediately returned productivity and profitability increases and enabling the recruitment and retention of high performing staff.

Helping other businesses

After using dashboards to successfully transform their own business, our founders then had a desire to help others. They employed a passionate and skilled team of analysts to spread the word, provide advice to other business and deliver innovative dashboard solutions to generate positive business outcomes.

Building Dashboard Insights

The uptake of our business dashboards had been so positive that it was then decided that an application with an embedded business intelligence capability would be built. This would allow us to provide increased and continuous innovation and deliver a more engaging user experience.

Stay tuned

There is so much more of our story to still be told! Stay tuned for updates…

Our Team

Ryan Richardson


Ryan is a Founder and CEO of Dashboard Insights. He leads the growth, corporate strategic partnerships, and customer delivery for the business. With broad experience in technology, Ryan has also led a high growth professional services business, tripling the team in under two years while successfully improving all areas of business. Ryan began his career as a certified practising accountant and financial planner and has been advising clients in all facets of business since 2009.

Andre David


Andre leads the platform, security, data and automation teams at Dashboard Insights and is responsible for enabling our technology platform for growth and innovation. Before joining Dashboard Insights, Andre worked as a Senior Analyst for Uber, as well as other Business Intelligence roles. Andre also has a Bachelor in science for management of applied chemistry.

Theo Mitsinikos


Theo is a Founder and Director of Dashboard Insights and is responsible for driving Dashboard Insights' growth into new industry verticals. Theo began his career in his family business before commencing as a public practise accountant. Theo has been advising business clients of all sizes and across varied industries since 2000 and has broad business experience growing and managing major businesses.

Diana Madonko


As the Team Leader of our Business Intelligence Consultants, Diana combines technical, problem solving skills and a detailed understanding of finance and business operations to deliver leading business dashboard solutions to our customers. Before joining Dashboard Insights, Diana started her career servicing a diverse portfolio of clients as an accountant giving her the capability to understand a business’ requirements and deliver tailored solutions. Diana holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Certificate in Data Analytics.

Dashboard Insights offers dynamic business dashboards across your business to empower confidence and agility in decision-making.

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