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Dashboard Insights unlocks the value of your data by placing it in the hands of the right people at the right time.

Data Powered Business Performance

Dashboard Insights connects all your platforms and consolidates your data into a single location. Our product delivers insightful and engaging dashboards that empower your workforce, boost performance, and drive continuous improvement.

Dashboard Insights closes the gap between people and data allowing you to run your business smarter and make decisions with confidence.

How it Works

Connect your Data

Your data is your greatest asset! We seamlessly connect all your data to ensure you always have 100% visibility across all your business.

Monitor your Data

We empower and motivate your workforce by delivering powerful dashboards that improve decision making and increase productivity, efficiency, and growth.

Continuous Analytics

We continuously analyse your data – even whilst you sleep! Dashboard insights uses automation, artificial intelligence, and alert rules to ensure you know when and why important changes are occurring in your business.

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What it Does?

Helps you understand customer, product and service profitability
Gain total visibility over business performance from anywhere in the world
Provide teams and individuals, real-time insights into their performance
Motivate and develop staff by clearly defining goals and targets
Enables team and employee self-management
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Purpose Built Dashboard

Every Dashboard is custom tailored to the unique needs of your business. Utilise filtering to generate interactive snapshots, identify trends or hotspots in real-time. Our Dashboards deliver analytics across your entire business from upper level management through to teams and individual contributors.

Combine and Transform your Data

Our product connects all your platforms, combines your data, and transforms your data into a powerful set of human-ready insights. We accelerate the discovery and availability of real time data through automated integration.


Connect to your existing platforms

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dashboard insights
dashboard insights
dashboard insights
dashboard insights
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Secure Access Anywhere in the World

Empower data-driven decisions anytime, from anywhere in the world. With Dashboards Insights you can access and monitor your business performance on the go using any internet enabled device.

World-class Security and Data Protection

Dashboard Insights incorporates leading security technologies and modern open standards to provide customers the confidence that their data is secure. We adhere to world class security standard and apply strict control across our business operations, host infrastructure, and application to ensure authorised access to data.

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Instant Notification and Automation

Be alerted to issues as they occur and resolve them before impact. Take a proactive approach to business performance by detecting anomalies, outliers, and root causes using automation, artificial intelligence, and alert rules. With Dashboard Insights there is never a question unanswered.

Dashboard Insights offers dynamic business dashboards across your business to empower confidence and agility in decision-making.

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