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Accounting & Bookkeeping Practice Dashboards


Our Accounting Firm Dashboards help you become a high performing business, empower your workforce, take control, and accelerate your growth. Our Accounting Firm Dashboards are a catalyst to higher profits, increased productivity, improved efficiencies, and better decisions.

We remove the headache of complex data integration by connecting to Practice Management Platforms, consolidating your data, and keeping your data up to date. We take care of your data so you can focus on running your accounting firm.

Our integration Practice Management Platforms consolidates and transforms your client, invoice, cost, job, task, employee and time sheet, and budget data into a meaningful set of insights.

We finalise the process by connecting your data with visually stunning Accounting Firm Dashboards that help you monitor and drive continuous improvement in your business.

Dashboard Insights unlocks the value of your Accounting Practice data by turning data into information and then placing this information in the hands of the right people at the right time. Dashboard Insights closes the gap between people and data, allowing you to run your business with more efficiency and more intelligence so that you are making decisions with confidence.

Our Dashboards for Accounting Practices have been developed in partnership with Accounting Practices.

  • Profitability – Gain an insight into billing, costs, and profits and access traffic light indicators that show how you are tracking to KPI targets
  • Job Flow – Gain an insight into WIP, budgets, open jobs, and job timesheet data
  • Performance – Gain an insight into productivity, billing, WIP and recoverability by employee, team or across the entire business, and monitor progress against agreed KPIs
  • Billing – Gain an insight into current year versus prior year billing trends broken down by partner, client and team and employee
  • Retainer Billing – Gain an insight into WIP billed against retainers and fixed price agreements as jobs are completed and understand remaining capacity to ensure profitability. Strategically plan for retainer billing agreement renewals with your customers.
  • WIP – Gain an insight into WIP totals and trends as well as ageing WIP and filter by job state, client manager, and client group to ensure WIP is being billed appropriately
  • Write Ons / Offs – Gain an insight into write Ons / Offs and use this information to review pricing, costs, and processes to ensure maximum profitability
  • Income Tax Lodgements – Gain an insight into the status of your Income Tax Lodgement program and streamline scheduling, job planning and capacity planning

Don’t settle for generic solutions. Dashboard Insights is fit for purpose and is guaranteed to make a real difference to your business. Our unique approach combines best practice ready-made products with tailored enhancements build specifically for you.

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